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preity_daily's Journal

Preity Zinta Daily Picture Community
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A Bollywood actress from Shimla who has won hearts of millions with her bubbly personality and winning dimpled smile!

Please READ the following rules BEFORE joining or posting:

Pictures only. No gossip, no advertising, no graphics, no embedded YouTube videos. Only pictures and screen caps are allowed.

Tag your entries accordingly! The tags are on the right hand side of the community so please follow. You may create new ones only if you cannot find suitable ones in the existing tags.

Please use cut tags or clickable thumbnails for images multiple images or anything very large. For thumbnailed pics, you may post up to three as a teaser, and place the rest behind an LJ-cut.

DO NOT HOTLINK! With all of the FREE image hosting sites available (e.g. Photobucket, Imageshack, Tinypic), you should be able to find a reliable hosting site for your images. Members who violate this rule will be banned.

Proceed to bollyicons to post and share your icons or ELSEWHERE to promote your journals/ communities. If you violate the rules, your post will be deleted once and subsequent similar violated posts will result in you being banned from the community.

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sharmiela (czenina/ superwoman_c)

Any questions, comments, and/or suggestions regarding this community can be posted in this entry.

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